Special Mention Award from the Václav Havel Jury

We are proud to announce that Where Heaven Meets Hell has received a Special Mention Award from the Václav Havel Jury for a documentary that has made an exceptional contribution to the defense of human rights at the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. A special thank you to the jurors and to Karen Davies from UNRIC who stated: “Not only we were impressed by the imagery in the film but also by the dignity and positive attitudes of the miners despite working in the most appalling conditions. The jury hopes by giving a special mention to this film we can draw attention to labor conditions that contravene human rights worldwide.”

Director Sasha Friedlander in the Jakarta Globe

Check out this great profile of the Director/Producer Sasha Friedlander in this week’s Jakarta Globe!

A procession of men walk in the faint dawn carrying empty baskets and lit torches. They return much more slowly, shouldering heavy baskets full of sulfur, coughing as they trudge though clouds of noxious smoke.

This is the opening scene of the documentary “Where Heaven Meets Hell,” which follows the stories of four sulfur miners and their families at Kawah Ijen in East Java…

The Sunday Profile: Sasha Friedlander, Documentary Filmmaker
Samantha Magick
Jakarta Globe, September 17, 2012